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Thursday, August 31 2023

He worked hard to provide for his family. The earning potential with his full-time work was not high so he took on additional work some evenings and weekends. He was determined that his family would live in a better situation than he had grown up under. The focus was on the financial perspective at the expense of his presence at home.

Men are ‘doers’, and the devil thrives on keeping dads busy doing (busy stands for being under satan's yoke). He may on

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Thursday, August 24 2023

A pastor in the hospital for an inner ear procedure struggled with some associated vertigo issues. The nurses promptly put a bright yellow wristband on him with bold letters identifying him as a “FALL RISK”. The intent was to alert those in immediate proximity to be aware and position themselves in a way to prevent a fall or at least minimize the likelihood of injury if he did fall.

Not one to overlook a good on

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Thursday, August 17 2023

Roll call is a consistent happening the first day of every school year. Even if the teacher mispronounces your name, the proper response is, “Present!” Responding with a shy, “Here”, or staying silent due to a humiliating pronunciation of your name, could get you moved to the front of the class. And that makes for a rough start to the new school year!

Are you present and on

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Thursday, August 10 2023

Well, it is time to put a wrap on summer unless you live in Houston – then you know we have a couple more months to enjoy the heat and humidity. But kids heading back to school is a marker for the end of summer. I hope you have made some memories as a family – maybe a special trip, a fishing outing or a summer camping experience.

Before you get back into the hustle & bustle of school and extra-curricular activities, I encourage on

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Thursday, August 03 2023

A dad took his son skeet shooting. The young man at the range walked them through the safety procedures in their assigned stand. The boy was excited to be at the range with his dad and was in a hurry to start shooting the clay pigeons. Dad reiterated the importance of gun safety and that one is never to be in a hurry when handling a gun. It is critical to always follow the safety protocol and show respect for the range and others present.

The dad had been charged to initiate on

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