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Thursday, September 27 2018

Our Houston Astros have racked up a number of Most Valuable Player awards over the past year – Jose Altuve was MVP of the American League; Justin Verlander was MVP of the 2017 American League Championship Series; George Springer was MVP of the 2017 World Series; and Alex Bregman was named MVP of the 2018 All Star game! While accepting the individual awards, each player pointed to the MVP performance by the team as a whole including Manager A.J. Hinch, General Manager Jeff Luhnow, President Reid Ryan and Owner Jim Crane. Go Stros!

Houston also has a number of MVP fathers. MVP stands for on

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Thursday, September 20 2018

He loved golf. Playing several times a week, with customers of course, he had honed a single-digit handicap game. One Saturday, mid-day play was especially slow. The foursome was on pace for about a six-hour round. Waiting to hit his approach shot, he had a “What are you doing here Elijah?” moment (1Kings 19:13). He was missing his son’s ballgame and now would probably be late for family dinner time as well.

Being tempted is not of God but on

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Thursday, September 13 2018

While hiking Mount Cameron this summer, one of the four 14-thousand-foot peaks that make up the Decalibron in Colorado, I met a gentleman in his 70’s descending the mountain. He said Cameron was his 45th 14-thousand-foot summit and that he had climbed most of them since he turned 65! I asked what his secret was. He responded, “You just gotta keep movin’ son!” Great wisdom from a High Country encounter.

Be disciplined! Most folks are familiar with on

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Thursday, September 06 2018

How can you be encouraged when 24/7 media shows so much bad stuff happening? For 10-years running, over sixty-percent of survey respondents have said there is more crime in the United States than there was a year ago. The fact is the crime rate has dropped about thirty-percent over that same 10-year period. But perception influences reality and this ‘phantom menace’ has made a kid’s walk to school or bike ride through the neighborhood a high-risk activity for some parents!

Be encouraged! In his article, “This is Your Brain on the Internet” on

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