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Thursday, November 29 2018

In the 1930’s, William Beebe and Otis Barton teamed up for the design, testing and maiden voyage of the Bathysphere, a unique spherical deep-sea submersible vessel that had to withstand pressure 3000 feet below the surface of the ocean. It was a precursor for submersibles like the Bathyscaphe that ventured to depths of 30,000 feet in the Marianas Trench. At that depth, the vessel had to withstand 1.2 metric tons per square centimeter – that is like 1600+ elephants standing on the roof of a small car. If there is not an equal opposing pressure from the inside, the car collapses.

Homes today are under immense pressure. The elephants show up in on

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Wednesday, November 21 2018

It is so easy to take blessings for granted – Good health, marriage, family, the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and the freedom we have in Jesus the Christ. With the 24/7 news cycle, hyperbole is the norm coming at us across all media platforms. Keeping a healthy perspective requires discipline to navigate through the noise and embrace the blessings of life, to be thankful.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage on

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Thursday, November 15 2018

It was like a punch in the gut. His wife shared that their daughter saw him as unapproachable sometimes - She had expressed a feeling of intimidation through his voice and demeanor. The little girl Dad cherished so much was not even comfortable in talking with him. He anticipated the father-daughter relationship might get strained during the teenage years but not to this degree.

The blessing was that she voiced her fear to her mother. Often times the home environment is not conducive to such honest expression with either parent and such feelings can go unresolved for years. In this case, Dad had on

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Thursday, November 08 2018

He had spent 15 years trying to prove himself a man on his own terms, independent of his dad. Dad had not made his high school graduation, his college graduation or his wedding. That was okay because he really did not want him there anyway – He did not need his dad. Then his daughter was born and he realized that in spite of his efforts to distance himself from the father-son relationship, they now had something in common – They were both dads. Click HERE to view this testimony of reconciliation.

A son needs his father or a father-figure. Time gets by and wounds do not heal themselves. This is a call to dads and teenage sons – Commit on

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Thursday, November 01 2018

Commit a weekend to invest in the relationship with your son or daughter. You know how quick time gets by. There are only a few years left with them under your roof and their schedule is at least as busy as yours. Yet they still spell love T I M E – that is quantity time with you Dad.

You have heard my reference to the jar of 936 marbles. I like to give new dads a jar of marbles when Mom and baby come home from the hospital. There are 936 weekends between birth and age 18. Removing a marble each Sunday provides a visual of how quick time can get by. At age 15 there are only on

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