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Tuesday, November 29 2016

As a single mother, she knew she could not be a mother and a father to her teenage son. She focused on being a mom and called on a son-in-law and a brother-in-law to step in as father-figures in the young man’s life. They could do what she could not – teach him to be a man. Neither man was perfect but through faith and prayer she trusted the Heavenly Father to work through these men to guide her son into manhood.

Single parents have a tough row to hoe. They have half the time, half the energy and half of the whole dimension of relationship offered by a mom and a dad in the home. Single moms in particular are ten times more likely on

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Wednesday, November 16 2016

The media will continue to be the media. They will give the riots in New York City and elsewhere front page coverage to promote the theme of deep division in our country. Another headline highlights classes being cancelled at various universities to allow students to process fear they have about President-elect Trump. Stirring up division and fear reflect a new post-election low for presidential elections I have participated in.

In a recent article, Harlem Gives President Trump a Chance, Jason Riley writes, “This may come as a shock to the political left, but not everyone who opposed Donald Trump is on

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Wednesday, November 09 2016

Marriage was not living up to her expectations. Her husband worked crazy hours, gone for days at a time. She was stuck alone in their apartment in a strange new city a couple of states away from family. When her husband did get home, it was not unusual for him to spend one of his three days off sleeping to recover from the demands of the job. She was alone even when her husband was home.

About eight months into the marriage the young bride called home to say she had had enough. She was shocked that her mother did not immediately say it was okay to come back home. Instead, her mom asked three questions: on

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Wednesday, November 02 2016

After his weekend experience at the church’s father-son retreat, he met with the pastor and said, “I want what your men have.” He had seen men discussing tough topics in small groups, dads enjoying time with their sons and fathers praying a specific blessing over their sons in front of the whole group. He had never witnessed such real relationship among men before.

One older man in the group without a son at the retreat shared a story of on

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