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Thursday, August 11 2022

How do arguments start? Name calling – “You are transphobic, intolerant of others!” Accusations – “You question Black Lives Matter’s motives? You are racist!” Finger-pointing – “You, and those that think like you, are why we cannot talk anymore!” Voices are raised, anger ensues and folks walk out in a huff. It is happening in families, churches and the public square. Have we lost the ability to argue civilly?

In God in the Dock, an accumulation of C.S. Lewis’ essays, he introduces the reader to on

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Thursday, August 04 2022

It seems so long ago that I heard dads talk of the peace at home when the family calendar was clear, thanks to the impact of the Covid lockdown. Families found they were able to enjoy the evening meal together every night. Some dads embraced the joy of making breakfast for the kids and sitting down with them before school. The flexibility of working at home provided many dads more opportunity to engage with their kids.

The popular thought was that there was a silver lining in the lockdown, that it had provided on

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Thursday, July 28 2022

What is your preferred pronoun? What is a woman? How do you identify? Some questions, be they in a Senate confirmation hearing, at school or in the workplace, can make a man wonder if he is in some kind of alternative universe where the reality of certain norms is no longer recognized as normal.

This should not surprise anyone. Between the hyper-sexualized culture and the widespread exposure to on

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Thursday, July 21 2022

The policeman took on extra security work to supplement his income. One holiday weekend, working for a department store, he saw a young boy throwing a fit. Evidently his mom refused to buy something he wanted. She was visibly tired and exasperated. Upon seeing the officer, she scolded the boy and said, “If you won’t be quiet, I am going to have that policeman take you away!” The boy’s eyes got real big, and he got real quiet.

The officer did something the mom did not expect. He on

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Thursday, July 14 2022

The young man put the blame for his anger and life’s hardships squarely on the shoulders of his dad. Not comprehending his own immaturity, he pressed on to overcome obstacles he faced on life’s journey. Anger toward, and judgment of others manifested into bad character traits. Those traits impeded his ability to mature and understand how God was working through circumstances to conform him “to the image of His Son.” (Romans 8:29).

Similarly, a fringe of American citizens put the blame on

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Thursday, July 07 2022

In a recent article titled, “The Supreme Court’s War on Life, the Universe and Everything” (WSJ-7/5/22), Gerard Baker wrote, “we can draw an important lesson from this strikingly uniform reaction to a historic court term: 50 years or more of judicial activism have immunized an entire generation of journalists, progressive politicians and social-policy advocates against any understanding of the idea of judges as neutral arbiters of the law.”

By design, the Constitution institutes on

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Thursday, June 30 2022

As the Supreme Court wraps up the 2021-2022 term, eyes have been opened to what we have to celebrate on Independence Day, a core document that conveys the beliefs we aspire to as a nation and outlines the structure of government that provides necessary checks and balances. It has been said that the Declaration of Independence, was the promise made on July 4, 1776, and The Constitution of these United States was the fulfillment of that promise.

The Constitution has provided the foundation for the American experiment. In the aftermath of on

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Thursday, June 23 2022

As you might expect, June is my favorite month of the year because it is Father’s Day month. So even though this blog is being posted a few days after Father's Day, I want to issue this reminder for all men - dads, adoptive dads and spiritual fathers, as to how important a father is. Our Heavenly Father shares the moniker ‘father’ with us because He expects us to represent Him well in family. The charge is to embrace this high calling and honor Him. Commit this day to step forward and accept the charge.

THIS FATHER’S DAY, June 19th, 2022, I accept the charge as a faithful father to move forward with a renewed mind, grounded in scripture and the three tenants of Faithful Fathering. I will: on

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Thursday, June 16 2022

An annual tribute to the dad that raised me in hope that it is an encouragement to you:
Born in 1917, four years after his parents immigrated from the south of Russia, he spent his early years growing up in Nebraska. The family continued to speak Russian in the home so when it came time to go to school, the young boy was held back a year until he could learn English. Railroad work took his family to Missouri where he proved to be a good worker and strong athlete through school. He joined his dad working in the roundhouse at the railyard until the attack on Pearl Harbor changed the direction of his life. He enlisted in the Navy, completed flight school at Pensacola, Florida, and earned on

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Thursday, June 09 2022

As we move into my favorite month of the year, Father’s Day month, I encourage you to look back and look in the mirror. Faithful Fathering’s study, A Dad’s Armor, opens with a look back at the heritage you have in relationship with your earthly father, how involved and engaged he was in your life, and what kind of role model he was. A look in the mirror is to evaluate your own involvement, engagement and spiritual leadership in family.

On the whole, the fact that ‘pride month’ has encroached upon Father’s Day month, suggests that dads on

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