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Wednesday, January 28 2015

As he was listening to his son, the dad was reflecting on the stacks of magazines that were readily accessible in his home growing up. He had suffered an addiction to pornography that lasted into his 30’s and he was determined not to expose his son to the same temptations. But today, boys are not facing the same temptations. The explicit nature of what is readily accessible via social media has introduced a whole new level of fantasy relationship. That realization hit as his teenage son said, “I have been viewing pornography online for two years.”

Did you know that the average age for kids to see their first pornographic image online is 11 years old? Also, 45% of 12 year olds and 82% of 13 year olds use social media; Seventy percent of teens hide their online activity from parents. read on ...

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Wednesday, January 21 2015

As he shared his story with a group of dads there were tears running down his face. His daughter had turned sixteen and the transition from being his “little girl” to becoming a beautiful young lady was hard on him. The clothes, boys and the dating were new dimensions to what had been a very simple dad-daughter relationship. There were some arguments and he decided Mom was much better at relating to the situation so he pulled back a bit. When his daughter began dating a 19 year old young man, his gut said this was not right. He voiced his objection but the arguments flared again. He was told, “This is a fine young man from a Christian family. It is a good relationship.” Dad pulled back again. Within a couple of months his daughter on

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Wednesday, January 14 2015

A friend recently lamented his kids growing up without knowing their grandpa. His father had passed when the kids were very young. He said, “If my dad would have minded the temple better, he may have been able to share family stories directly with his grandkids. There is longevity in our genes - his mom and older brother both lived to be 99! But he smoked constantly and drank heavily. It was really a miracle that he reached his 70’s.” It was obvious my buddy had a lot he wanted to share with his dad, especially his legacy.

In the first month of the first year of his (Hezekiah) reign, he opened the doors of the temple of the Lord and repaired them. on

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Wednesday, January 07 2015

I talked with a dad the other day that has grown kids. He was proudest when he told me that they know the Lord and they know him. In addition, they have completed their formal education, are gainfully employed and have no debt. Now there is a dad that invested well and has been blessed with what I call a glimpse of God’s glory. We all do not experience such a visible return on investment. If it were so, we would call this ministry “Successful Fathering”. As it is, we focus on Faithful Fathering - investing well and leaving the results to Him.

I got to enjoy glimpses of God’s glory as dads invested well in their daughters this past weekend on

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