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Wednesday, February 28 2018

The season of Lent is forty days long. It starts on Ash Wednesday and goes through Holy Saturday, the Saturday before Easter, and does not include Sundays. It is a time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily routine and consider the final steps Jesus walked on this earth. It is also a powerful time to strengthen our relationship with Jesus the Christ by giving up something that is part of our normal routine or by taking something new on.

Here is a suggestion: Give on

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Wednesday, February 21 2018

This team was different. The coach had the infielders rotate every two innings – The first baseman would go to third, third baseman to shortstop, shortstop to second and second baseman to first. The young men knew how to field and throw, now it was time to coach them in the nuances of the game of baseball from a variety of positions. There was no yelling when mistakes were made. Errors were recognized as part of the process of growing as a ballplayer.

Similarly, dads that are intentional in moving from the ‘Teacher’ season of fathering to ‘Coaching’, typically in the early teen years, understand that on

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Wednesday, February 14 2018

He was not a good reader, never was. A high level of sports activities overrode the importance of reading any book of significance through high school. As a dad, he wanted better for his son. He made time to read Bible stories and other books to his son early and often. At a young age they would alternate reading paragraphs, then he would read a page and his son would read a page. When the boy started reading books, he would shadow read them so they could talk about key aspects of the book. Dad was teaching well.

Kids typically are learning to read up to on

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Wednesday, February 07 2018

“You don’t understand. Just let me do it!” Dad was used to stepping in to teach proper technique on how to field and hit. His daughter had always been receptive of instruction from him but this year was different, she was pushing back. He had been warned by other dads about the dreaded teenage years but he was determined to push through them doing what he had always done. Fortunately, an older dad and coach offered the advice to stay involved but to step back and let her grow.

Recognizing the ‘Teacher’, ‘Coach’ and ‘Counselor’ seasons of fathering will help you navigate through on

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