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Wednesday, April 27 2016

His friends encouraged him to start using again. He was susceptible because they had been his “family” when his family was not around. They had become the primary influence in his life. The memory of being busted, the time in detention and even the positive experience with an organization committed to helping him get his life on the right track were not enough to equip him to say, “No!” to old friends. The strength of the past on

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Tuesday, April 19 2016

The young men had troubled backgrounds in common. Each had been under pressure by friends and even family to drink alcohol, do drugs and/or deal drugs at a very young age. As a result, they were on a clear path to trouble and delinquency. Fortunately, their stories do not have to end tragically thanks to compassion shown by Christian ministries.

Youth-Reach Houston is a Christian ministry that gives troubled young men, 12-17, an opportunity to on

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Wednesday, April 13 2016

It was noisy! He went to a KISS rock concert with some friends. The bass guitar and drums dominated the capacity of the speakers occasionally backing off just a bit for the lead guitar to blast through. The group was singing but the words were indecipherable. Between what was being amplified from the stage and the screams of the kids in the audience there was no discerning the song being sung. If this was the norm for live music, he preferred the radio!

Live bands have continued to increase the noise level over the years – it has become the norm. The noise level in other areas of life have been on the increase as well, especially around on

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Wednesday, April 06 2016

Summertime meant a trip by train across the Midwest to Ohio to visit extended family. There was one train change required in St. Louis but from there it was a straight shot. The young boy tended to walk with his head down whether in a park or a train station. It was his preferred way of walking because folks did not try to talk to him if his head was down. And he certainly had no interest in talking with anyone. This particular summer when the family was walking across the concourse of the train station to the appropriate rail line, the young man was looking at his shoes as usual. As the family stopped, the boy looked up on

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