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Thursday, November 25 2021

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart. In one powerful scene, William Wallace rides up on a horse to address his troops. The men are looking across the field at an English army that greatly outnumbers them. Some are overwhelmed and express a desire to go home versus facing certain death. Wallace says, “Aye, you can return to your homes and live but what kind of life will it be without freedom?” He proceeded to call out to the “Sons of Scotland!” He said, “You fight today as free men against an enemy that wants to take our freedom!” 

The Scots stood firm on the battlefront knowing on

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Thursday, November 18 2021

How are you doing these days? Some are facing challenges around employment – Many companies are requiring mandatory vaccination or weekly testing. Other folks are struggling with emotional stress from the loss of loved ones to months of isolation. And political division on steroids has caused rifts in families and the public square. Men, families and businesses are struggling.

What in the world is going on? The world is on

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Thursday, November 11 2021

The young man made some poor decisions relationally and academically while off at college and the consequences were severe. This was out of character because he was in a church-going family and had regularly participated in the youth group events. Some were questioning if the youth group at the church was all it was cracked up to be if this could happen to one of their own.

I asked the pastor if there was anything that stood out about this young man that would suggest he might take such a turn. He responded, “Absolutely! His dad was on

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Thursday, November 04 2021

He is facing pressure from his employer of over 20 years to get the Covid19 vaccine. As a husband and father, the job is critical if he is to continue providing financially at the level the family has become accustomed to. His stance against mandates has been clear throughout the pandemic. Now it has gotten very close and personal. Is he going to conform or stand firm? The kids are watching.

Mandates are not on

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