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Wednesday, February 24 2016

“In the beginning I was your daughter, your pride and joy, and you were my dad. There were no complications. Five years passed. I stole the role of your shadow, trailing behind you wherever you went, … Ten years passed. I slowly began to wander away from your embrace, … Fifteen years passed. I experienced the sounds of angry shouting … Sometimes I wish I could go back twelve years or so, so I could be your pride and joy again. …” (audio file - relating). As dads it can be a challenge to stay engaged, to relate well with our daughters and sons as they mature.

How is the TCC process going for you? “T” is for on

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Wednesday, February 17 2016

A buddy of mine used the “Driver in a Box” program that equips parents to teach their kids how to drive. It was perfect for him because he was having trouble scheduling time to be with his daughter and he figured it would at least provide some windshield time with her. They started off slow, driving around in a parking lot and gradually moved up to driving in the neighborhood. A few weeks into the program they were to venture out onto country roads and spend some time on the interstate highway. The final phase a couple of months in had them driving in the city. The program took about four months and they both really enjoyed the dad-daughter time together. In the process my buddy also established a comfort-factor as he watched his daughter take another step away from his control.

Maintaining control gives dads confidence that they can on

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Wednesday, February 10 2016

My bride and I laughed out loud! The Doritos spot won the Super Bowl commercial war hands down from our perspective. We found it hilarious. I remember when our first child started kicking in the womb, I was amazed at how she would respond each time I touched Mom’s tummy in a different spot by kicking or pushing in that area. My bride had that “Mom’s glow” throughout her pregnancy and from the first sonogram to the kicks to the birth of our daughter, my love for life took on a whole new dimension.

All were not impressed as we were with the Doritos commercial. Some pro-choice advocates accused Doritos of on

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Wednesday, February 03 2016

They used to do a lot of things together. She was his shadow especially on Saturday mornings. Whether it was yard work, a trip to the hardware store or kicking a soccer ball she was right beside her dad. All time spent together was quality time – she was Daddy’s little girl and he was her hero!

As she entered her teen years a lot of things began to change. She no longer woke up early on Saturday mornings and her interests no longer included yard work or hardware store outings. Father-daughter time became very limited. Counsel from some men on

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