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Thursday, February 28 2019

He was under a lot of pressure at work. While he was trying to keep up a regular exercise routine to stay healthy, the long hours and stress were taking their toll on his overall health and wellbeing. The tension was not being left at the office but beginning to carry over into his marriage and home. His identity was defined by success in the job but his life was spiraling out of control.
There are three primary identities men associate with: on

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Thursday, February 21 2019

He was identified as a hot-head, an angry young man mad at the world. He had made the high school basketball team but armed with an intensity that frequently led to angry outbursts, he was not seen as a team player. The coach decided to cut him from the team. While all his buddies proceeded with their high school basketball experience, he failed to hold his spot in that group of athletes.

Have you heard of on

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Thursday, February 14 2019

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Dad and Mom often jokingly tell the kids to just catch their good qualities, not their bad ones. Alcoholism was historically a bad one they wanted to make sure not to pass on. Both had experiences with an alcoholic parent so there was to be no alcohol in their house. They agreed early on to be cycle-breakers when it came to alcohol. Other areas – language, finances, faith and church attendance did not receive the same disciplined approach.

The bottom line is that on

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Thursday, February 07 2019

There was such excitement when she learned she was pregnant and shared the news with her husband. They celebrated the blessing of the miracle, a child developing in her womb. While a bit anxious about the responsibility before them, both were joyful about the prospect of becoming mom and dad. Life is good.

Life is also easy to take for granted. When on

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