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Thursday, May 27 2021

The president of the United States typically gives a ‘State of the Union’ address to a joint session of Congress annually. Similarly, governors provide a ‘State of the State’ address and mayors, a ‘State of the City’. There is a general review on performance over the past year and new initiatives are presented. Some states and cities are on solid ground financially and operationally in preparing their ‘State of …’ Others, not so much.

I pray you are on solid ground as you review the ‘State of … read on

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Thursday, May 20 2021

The noise level is still high. Follow the CDC guidelines or question them? Should one wear a mask or not? Is it compulsory to get the injection or a choice? Whatever the answers to these questions, too often the tendency is to demonize and even stigmatize one with the opposite point of view. Emotions run high and more division gets stirred up.

What would singer/songwriter on

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Thursday, May 13 2021

With Mother’s Day behind us and Father’s Day just ahead, how would you rate yourself on honoring your father and mother? Do you treat it as a Hallmark holiday or a command? It is a command, the one command with a promise – “… that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” (Ex.20:12). Does that provide motivation or do you see honor as an Old Testament thing?

Dennis Rainey has written a wonderful book titled on

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Thursday, May 06 2021

An annual tribute to my mother and encouragement to you:

She was an incredible woman. Born in 1921, she aspired to be a vocal performer. As a senior in high school, she contracted tuberculosis. Her dream to perform was no longer possible and the vocal scholarship to attend college was rescinded. She married a handsome Navy pilot just before he was deployed to the South Pacific Theater in WWII. He returned on

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