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Wednesday, March 25 2015

In his study, Raising Kingdom Kids, Pastor Tony Evans starts with an example of how on a trip to Disney World they lost their youngest son. The boy had gotten distracted by a particular attraction, by all the bright colors and entertainment. Likewise, the parents had gotten distracted by the crowd and other happenings. They turned around and their young son was nowhere to be found. Steps were retraced, security was alerted on

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Wednesday, March 18 2015

It was an unusual morning. Dad was going into work a bit later than normal and was eating breakfast as the kids were heading out the door to school. He took exception to what his daughter was wearing and said, “Young lady, you are not going to school looking like that!” She burst into tears. Her brother stepped in and said, “Her clothes are really pretty modest for today and I only have ten minutes to get us to school!” More words were exchanged and Mom calmly said, “This is not the time.” Dad backed off.

After the kids left, Dad offered the toughest words for man to say, “I am sorry. I was wrong. Will you on

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Wednesday, March 11 2015

The world is saying that truth is relative. Dad’s primary role is to keep Truth relative.  

In his book, “Case for Christ” Lee Strobel’s investigation into the facts surrounding Christ provides answers to key questions around the validity of the Bible as he shares information gleaned from scholars. One thing that resonates with me in his research is the popular thought that Jesus was just another prophet that happened to fulfill some prophecies on

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Wednesday, March 04 2015

What was up with the buzz around that blue and black dress last week? My bride saw it as white and gold! We did not get into an argument or anything but she clearly thought I was nuts. Of course I said, “Yes dear” (Marriage 101). My thought was, “How can there be confusion around this? It is blue and black!” The lively discussion, raging debate in some circles, around “the dress” may reflect on the way we get locked into different points of view in life.

Some research provided the clarity needed. It seems on

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