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Thursday, March 25 2021

In the 1950’s television series Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday would always say, “Just the facts, Ma’am” as he investigated the crime of the week. Emotions would impede the effectiveness of his investigation so he was quick to shut them down. Sgt. Friday did his job by cutting through emotional responses, working with facts and discerning the truth.

Today we have ‘fact-checkers’ that work to on

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Thursday, March 18 2021

A friend recently introduced me to Kirk Cameron’s 100-day Plan to Build a Godly Nation. Kirk said, “Rather than waiting for someone else’s 100-day plan to unfold and bite our nails to see what’s going to happen, let’s go on the offense and roll out our own 100-day plan.” He initiated “American Campfire Revival” – 100 daily broadcasts where he prays for restoration in our country and presents a biblical perspective.

On day 50, he told a story of an 87-yearold man that had survived on

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Thursday, March 11 2021

“In today’s society, materialism is idolized, immorality is glamorized, truth is minimized, abortion is legalized, the courts are paralyzed, and our politics are polarized. On the Internet, TV and movies, crime is legitimized, drug use is minimized, comedy is vulgarized, sex is trivialized, the Bible is fictionalized, churches are satirized, while God is marginalized, and Christians are demonized. Even in our families, our manners are uncivilized, our speech is vulgarized, our faith is secularized, so that everything is commercialized.”- Pastor Rick Warren at the World Meeting of Families, 2015.

Who can lead the way out on

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Thursday, March 04 2021

We are in the season of Lent, the forty days starting on Ash Wednesday and going through Holy Saturday, the Saturday before Easter, not including Sundays. It is a time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily routine and consider the final steps Jesus walked on this earth. It is also a powerful time to strengthen our relationship with Jesus the Christ by giving up something that is part of our normal routine or by taking on something new.

Here is a suggestion: Give on

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