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Wednesday, October 25 2017

The numbers reflect that game attendance is down and television viewership is off significantly. It appears the National Football League is suffering from customer pushback – the product that was simply a game between two teams expanded to a platform for political opinion. What team owners allow their employees to do on company time is up to them. In turn, continued support for the respective teams is up to the fans and what they will tolerate at game time. That is the power of the consumer.

Imagine if dads in mass decided to not tolerate something in an arena that mattered, to say, “Enough is enough!” to on

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Wednesday, October 18 2017

The TALK is probably remembered as one of the most awkward discussions ever had with your parents. At fourteen or fifteen, the terminology used was seen as strange and the conversation was uncomfortable. In summary, sex was conveyed as dirty and dangerous so it was important to save it until marriage.

Today, statistics show that teenagers want to talk with their parents about sex but dads and moms are either too busy, do not want to “go there” or are struggling with clarity on the subject themselves. The TALK must be on

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Wednesday, October 11 2017

“One-on-one time with my daughter? She does not even want to be in the same room with me!” But in response to a challenge presented to all the dads participating in the study, Joe agreed to at least ask his daughter out on a date. That in itself was a big step because there were about twenty men in the study that would be holding him accountable. The bottom line was that he thought she would surely say ‘No’ and he would have to face rejection again. No man likes rejection be it a high school date or a date with his daughter.

The following week, the dads provided a debrief of the one-on-one time with their kids. Joe stepped forward and said, “When I asked my daughter if she would go out on

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Wednesday, October 04 2017

There were three significant spiritual experiences in my life twenty-plus years ago: First was the call to ministry for dads in January, 1996, that would manifest into the founding of Faithful Fathering in 2000; Second was a “Walk to Emmaus” retreat weekend in February, 1997; and then there was Promise Keepers’ “Stand in the Gap”, a sacred assembly of men on the Mall in Washington D.C., October 4th, 1997.

What kind of impact could over a million men have by on

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