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Wednesday, July 25 2018

They had not said more than a couple of words to each other in quite a while. He knew his daughter would go through a stage when she would connect more with her mother than him but even that connection was strained of late. When challenged to ask his daughter out on a date as part of a study for dads he was participating in, he respectfully declined.
As dads move through the seasons of fathering: ‘Teacher’ – ages 0 – 10; ‘Coach’ – ages 10 – 20; and ‘Counselor’ – ages 20+, staying connected takes on

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Wednesday, July 18 2018

Twelve years of basic education. Then it may be trade school or some on-the-job training. Other options include further education to secure an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science or other advanced degrees that may help prepare you for the workforce. The lofty goal for this system is a productive citizenry that will meet the needs of society.

The breakdown of the system is in the basic training piece on

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Wednesday, July 11 2018

Forty tents and over 100 dads with kids gathered for an ‘Overnight at the Cross’. Hotdogs were grilled, games were played, a devotion time was shared, bottle-rockets built by father-child pairs were launched, s’mores were roasted and good fun was had by all. What was initiated a number of years ago by the Dads of Sagemont has become a semi-annual occurrence that gives dads a fun, easy-to-plug-in-to activity to do with their kids.

To PASS the BATON well to the next generation, dads need to be encouraged on the journey and on

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Wednesday, July 04 2018

There is not a more dreaded sound during a relay race than the clank of a baton hitting the ground after an unsuccessful exchange. Just ask Tyson Gay or Lauryn Williams, both runners on the receiving end of failed exchanges in the 4X100 men’s and women’s relay races respectively during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

The runner with the baton has the eyes and the receiving runner presents the target for the baton. The exchange is simple … until it is not. It was not that August night in Beijing ten years ago. Today, dads have the eyes on

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