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Tuesday, November 24 2015

It is not easy to be thankful with the state of the world, the state of the church and the state of the family today. Everything temporal, including the 24/7 news cycle, suggests the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But we know God is always at work. It was in pretty dire times that our Father sent His Son to testify to the Truth and plant the Church. The disciples and the Church have persevered in the face of persecution to be a testimony to Truth. And it continues today, that under the word of God the Church is in position to stand firm against worldly influences. We are to be thankful for where the Lord has us.

Tips to Be Thankful: read on...

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Wednesday, November 18 2015

It started with a father’s heart for his son. The darkness of pornography had enveloped the young man and he was crying out for help. The family went to church and Sunday school where the kids were active in the youth programs. How could this happen?

With some research, the dad realized how prolific the issue of pornography was with boys. The statistics are sobering: the average age of first time exposure for kids today is on

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Wednesday, November 11 2015

This is an annual Veteran’s Day tribute to Dad and a shout out to those who have served in the military in defense of our great country, this one nation under God. Thank you!

I failed to honor one veteran for too long. read on ...

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Wednesday, November 04 2015

Billy Currington sings, “Walk a little straighter, Daddy. You’re swaying side to side. … Walk a little straighter, Daddy, you’re leading me.” At the close of the song, the lyrics go, “And if I’ve learned one thing from him, it’s that my kids will never have to say, ‘Walk a little straighter Daddy.’” The suggestion is that the young man will overcome a bad home situation.

Men typically emulate their father or commit to doing the opposite. Neither may be healthy. Roger was committed to breaking the cycle on

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